Real Estate Advertising
    Real Estate Advertising
    Real Estate Advertising
    Real Estate Advertising
    Real Estate Advertising
    Real Estate Advertising
    Real Estate Advertising
    Real Estate Advertising
    Real Estate Advertising
    Real Estate Advertising
    Real Estate Advertising

    1)At the bottom of the site is "Pay for Real Estate Advertising Services"

    2 )Click "Pay for Real Estate Advertising Services"

    3)Pay. Attention !!! Add your Email and place an order

    4) After Payment to your E-mail We will send an Agreement with Marketplace LLP

    5) After the payment and signing of the contract, we will create a personal page for you on the site and you can fill it with real estate

    6) Number of New Property Listings Placed on Fee for Services (up to 30 properties per month

    7) Payment Is Made Via Secured Secure Payment Mode. After which a check is issued.

    8) Payment goes to the Marketplace LLP Company on the Kazakhstan Marketplace website - marketplace.kz

    9) Contact Phone : 8 747 957 81 57 или WhatsApp + 7 747 957 81 57

    10)Advertising department E-mail:nedvizhimostmarketplace@gmail.com

    The main objective of the Marketplace company is to promote the development of international business relations - through the exchange of proposals by Companies.

    Conclusion of business transactions, sales and services, as well as PR and promotion of Companies.

    • Among the advantages of the platform:

    • A wealth of choice of payment methods

    • Numerous promotion tools

    • Platform assistance in SEO campaigns

    • Provision of reputation marketing services

    • Assistance in entering the global marketplaces

    • Attractive promotions and offers for buyers

    • Not only a web version, but also a mobile application

    • Quick start with minimal investment

    How a is the payment:

    Payment goes through the secure mode of Robokassa

    1. Payment is made on LLP Marketplace in Kazakhstan

    2.Euro to Tenge exchange rate

    3.Attention ! Fill in your Email on payment

    4.Save your payment receipt

    5.Notify Us of payment at nedvizhimostmarketplace@gmail.com

    6.or on WhatsApp + 7 777 120 95 55

    7.Sign an Agreement with Our Company

    8.and Sell Your Real Estate

      Prices for Advertising Banners - on Property Marketplace

    Company Marketplace

    • WhatsApp : +77771209555
      • Phone : + 77479578157
        • Website: marketplaces.kz
          • Site: holdingmarketplace.com
            • E-mail: marketplacekz@mail.ru
              • Advertising Your Company's PR
                • Creating a Store on the Site
                  • SEO Store Promotion
                    • Connecting to the Platform
                      • Connecting payment and delivery
                        • Optimizing Your Store
                          • Setting Up Your Company's PR
                            • Import XLS, YML, 1C products
                              • Including Your Ad Banner
                                • It is possible to hold Promotions
                                  • Start with minimal investment
                                    • Expansion of Sales Geography
                                      • New Product Launch
                                        • EXPO Advertising
                                          • Business Site Advertising
                                            • Marketplace Ads
                                              • Social Media Advertising
                                              • Communicate with the customer
                                                • Courier Delivery CDEK
                                                  • Yandex Courier Delivery
                                                    • Commission is not taken from Sales
                                                      • FBS, B2B, FBY, DBS Model

    Add Your Company / Agency / Real Estate - Official Property Marketplace

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